The Value of Gemstones (Reasons to Invest)

Investing in gemstones is not easy. Bidding up to $5,000,000 per carat today, precious gems are a timeless investment, any day. However, lack of liquidity to fluctuation in global gemstone prices can wreck gemstones investments if you’re not careful enough. To ensure the value of investing in gemstones, consult expert reviews on when, how and why choose gemstone investment in 2018. Read about The History of Gemstones here.

Investing in Gemstones

7 Reasons for Investing in Gemstones according to Experts 

Although gemstone investments are not like platinum bullion or silver bullion, the price of a Kashmiri Blue Sapphire or Padparadscha Sapphire will never lose its value. 

Gemstones were once the symbol of prosperity and even mood. Today, we use gemstones for holistic healing as well as for making wedding bands. Before you invest in gemstones, assess the seven right reasons from people with experience of investing in gems.

  1. Rise in Demand

In the past few decades, we have seen celebrities like Johnny Depp and musicians like Adele vouching for the healing properties of gemstones. The Dirty Dancing Superstar Patrick Swayze was another advocate of gemstones during his battle with cancer. Altogether, celebrity gemstone endorsements have created a viral hype around healing crystals. 

Jewelers including Lucia Silvestri from Bulgari vouch gemstone investments as ideal, claiming this era as the age of colored stones

  1. Rarity of the Stone

Unlike gold or platinum, gemstones are not appraised based on weight alone. Gemstones are often priced based on its origin, clarity, cut, carat, color, patterns and availability in the precious stone market. 

Stones such as Tanzanite or Green Garnet Tsavorites are mined from exclusive locations. While tanzanite has a limited ore, Green Garnet Tsavorite is a rare healing crystal. The same is why antique gemstone investments, gemstones in large sizes and crystals of unique colors can double or triple in prices quicker than you imagine!

  1. Matchless Value

Stocks can vanish overnight, but the value of a gemstone will only increase. If you’re making a gemstone investment for profit, choose a gemstone of unique value. It could be a flawless variety of diamond or rare fluorescent ruby, but the value of the precious gemstone must be high.  

In a general code of crystal investments, the heavier the stone, the better the price it will fetch. Gemstones do not lose their value and can remain for thousands of years without tarnishing as well! 

  1. Collector’s Credit 

In case you’re not eying for a gemstone business, investing in rare gemstones can get you collector’s credit too. Not all investors buy gemstones to fill their jewelry cabinets; they invest because they know the priceless value of gemstones! 

The best place to start on an extravagant collection of colored stones is by buying a collector’s grade diamond. Once you’re done buying a few diamonds, you will feel confident about expanding your treasure chest with colored gemstones!

  1. Permanent Quality 

Precious metals will retain their glow for centuries if you store them right. Gemstones do not lose their value. Hence, appraise your gemstone by consulting an experienced gemologist to ensure that your little trinket is a masterpiece forever. Moreover, the value of a gemstone increases with age. Healing Crystals do not depreciate if you keep it away from harsh chemicals!

  1. Holistic Applications

From gem infused water to hot stone massages, gemstones can be used for healing according to ancient sciences. Combined with incense therapy, gem therapy including gem massages and gem baths are making a fantastic comeback at spas all around the world. 

Lotus Wei’s Garnet Joy Juice Energy Mist to Belmacz Oyster Pearl Powder and Aquarian Soul Amethyst Headache Oil, many examples of crystal healing beauty products are available today. 

  1. Unique Engagement Ring 

In case you’re looking for a unique stone to symbolize your love on the wedding or engagement ring, gemstone ring is the best choice! 

All you got to do is find the nearest gemstone auction and find yourself a rare gemstone in the favorite color of your lover. Next, get a reputed jeweler to design a gemstone engagement ring in your favorite cut and setting.
Ta da! Your custom engagement ring with a rare gemstone is ready! 

Investing in Gemstones

Investment Grade Carat Size of Gemstones 

If you’re looking for investing in gemstones, you must look for a gemstone above 2 carats or $3000. This is not because gemstones are not available at lower rates. However, if you’re looking for an investment-grade gemstone, it is best to avoid the common stones. You must procure a stone of matchless value to turn it into a profitable gemstone investment.

Top Best 5 Gemstones to Invest in 2018 

Gemstone jewelry and beauty products are gaining traction in the worldwide market. Having a stake in high-quality gemstones will boost your profile as an investor and gain respect amongst collectors. However, don’t hurry into your gemstone investment. Instead, check the market, research the gemstone price charts and invest smartly on gemstones already thriving in the international markets!

  1. Diamond

The hardest stone on earth, Diamond is undoubtedly the priciest gemstone investment in 2018. According to the jeweler, Graeme Thompson, Diamonds are the gateway to becoming a gemstone collector. 

The Blue Moon Diamond, ($4,000,000 per carat) is the costliest diamond in the World. It is followed by Moussaieff Red Diamonds ($2,400,000 per carat) and Orange Diamonds ($2,300,000 per carat). Pink Star Diamond is the cheapest investment grade diamond priced at $1,400,000 per carat

  1. Ruby 

Classic Ruby is the Manik Ratna or translated as the King of Gemstones. The price of gemstones such as Classic Ruby has spiked from $2,500 to $43,923 per carat in the past decade. 

In 2006, a ruby gemstone from Burma fetched $420,000+ at Christie's, making a record carat rate of ruby all over the world. The rarer varieties of rubies from Mogok and Nanyarseik attract shocking bids at gem auctions too. 

Ruby is the best investment grade gemstone as it is guaranteed to offer you high prices in due time. 

  1. Sapphire

From blue to pink and orange, sapphires are renowned as the second gemstone to diamond. The finest blue sapphires are mined from Kashmir is called the Jewel of Kashmir. The rarest blue sapphire is called the padparadscha sapphire.

Widely used in engagement rings, Blue Sapphires were priced $1000 per carat, half a century ago. Today, one carat of blue sapphire can go upwards of $200,000! 

  1. Red Spinel 

Having marked appreciation in the past three decades, red spinels have grown in demand and rarity too. 

While red spinel was priced at $200 in 1975, it is $5,500 per carat today. A newcomer to investment grade gemstones, a red spinel was often misunderstood as rubies in the earlier ages. Heard about the Ruby on the British Crown by the Black Prince? It is actually a spinel! 

A unique variety called Mahenge Spinal from Tanzania has neon pink and red color and is recommended priceless by collectors and investors alike!

  1. Emerald 

The priciest and the most valuable emerald hails from Columbia. If you find a large-sized emerald from Brazil or Zambia too, you will find numerous investors for the stone. Another significant way of finding high-quality emeralds is by picking the gemstone based on its color! 

In a Nutshell 

No two gemstones are identical to one another. The rarity of a gemstone can only be assessed by a certified gemologist. If you’re wondering whether you’re ready to invest in gemstones, book a FREE appointment with our gemstones experts via email or phone!