The Value of Platinum (Reasons to Invest)

With over 20% of world’s consumer goods dependent on platinum for manufacturing, investing in platinum is perfect in 2018. It is a rare metal with many attributes of strength, density, and ductility higher than other precious metals. 

If you’re a platinum lover, investing in platinum might sound lucrative. However, don’t jump into your platinum investment right away. Explore the increase in demand, comparison with precious metals and fluctuation of platinum prices in the global markets to assess your investment in platinum, smartly.

Platinum Bullio

Platinum Vs Gold Vs Silver 

Once thought as trash by the Spanish Explorers in the 18th century, Platinum is a symbol of wealth today. Historically, explorers discovered Platinum while mining for gold. Thrown into the river to ripen and turn into silver by the Spaniards, Platinum is the costliest precious metal now. 

When world’s only platinum source was nearly depleted decades later, the South African platinum was found under the riverbed in Johannesburg. But, when Russians released platinum Rubles, it began to be valued more than gold. Read more on the History of Platinum Bullion here.

To assess investing in platinum, compare popular precious metals such as gold and silver using expert parameters with it. This will help you assess the right estimate of your platinum investment.  


One of the available and affordable metals, silver has a metallic luster. Depending on the alloy used, Silver can tarnish easily. Find out where does silver rank when you compare it with other precious metals such as gold and platinum. 

  • Luster: Metallic Bright 
  • Ductility: 6th Ductile Metal
  • Malleability: Less than Gold 
  • Hardness: 2.5 on MOHS
  • Density: 10.49 g/cm3 
  • Price: $14.54 per oz. (Sterling Silver)


From ultra-thin gold leaves to Pharaohs masks, gold is a precious metal with a deep connection with the human race. Recycled 40% more than silver every year, is gold better than platinum? Find out below. 

  • Luster: Metallic Yellow 
  • Ductility: Ductile than Silver 
  • Malleability: Most Malleable
  • Density: 19.32 g/cm3
  • Hardness: 3-4 on MOHS
  • Price: $1,360 per oz. (24 Karat)


Renowned as the ‘Rich Man’s Gold’ platinum is a precious metal in limited quantity. Check the following attributes of platinum to distinguish what makes platinum better than silver or gold today as an investment. 

  • Luster: Bright Metallic White Color 
  • Ductility: Most Ductile
  • Malleability: Malleable than Silver 
  • Density: 21.45 g/cm3
  • Hardness: 3.5 on MOHS
  • Price: $1,018 per oz.

7 Reasons for Investing in Platinum Bullion 

Investing in Platinum is smart now because historically, platinum has never been this ripe for investors. From platinum bullion to coins, platinum is used extensively in many advanced technologies today. 

At 200 metric tons of platinum against 2000 metric tons of gold, production of platinum is ten times lesser than gold. The same is why the price of platinum will increase with time. Find out the real reasons for investing in platinum bullion in 2018.  

  1. Platinum to Gold Ratio in Prices 

The costliest metal today is platinum, racing parallel with gold. However, the platinum-gold ratio or the ounces of platinum equivalent in price to an ounce of gold is low. Undoubtedly, being a rare commodity that depletes with every passing day, that investing in platinum is a risk-free decision.

After the recession of 2009, gold prices are parallel to platinum prices. Since reaching an all-time high of $2000+ per ounce, the current price of platinum is $1000+. Being undervalued now, you can make a scoop at platinum if you invest now! 

  1. Medical Use of Platinum 

From dental to surgical equipment, the superior attributes of platinum makes it best for medical instruments. One of the chemotherapies or anti-cancer drug popular since the late 90’s is Cisplatin, effective against the growth of tumors. Platinum in biomedical applications is increasing day by day. Hence, investing in platinum is equal to investing in the future of biotechnology ahead.

With about 5 tons of platinum used in biomedicine every year, scientists recommend platinum as durable for medical developments. The silvery white metal is also ideal for non-corrosive therapeutic uses such as for pacemakers and similar other medical implants.  

  1. Jewelry Making with Platinum 

From custom platinum engagement rings to platinum engraved bracelets, there are many options when you choose to invest in platinum. The costliest metal on Earth, Platinum is also 40% heavier than 18 karat Gold. Every year, up to 74 tons of platinum is used for making jewelry. 

Hence, the durable precious metal is perfect for precious stones such as diamond too. You can get amazing jewelry at the best platinum bullion prices! 

  1. Platinum Bullion and Coin Trends 

Platinum legal tender coins are thriving since the start of 20th century. It was released by the British ‘Isle of Man’ followed by Canada’s ‘The Maple Leaf and the Australian ‘The Koala’

Russia mined 500,000 ounces of platinum in 1830 until 1843. They released Russian Rubles when a new mine was found in the Ural Mountains. Russia released Ballerina Platinum Proof coin in the 20th century while China released Panda. A decade after, America released the Platinum Eagle. Today platinum coins and bullion are an excellent addition to any collector’s edition of precious metals. 

Platinum Bullion

However, if you’re not into platinum coin collection, go for a bullion, which is a bar of a precious metal!

  1. Motor and Automobile Applications of Platinum 

With up to 45% of World’s total platinum production added to the motor and automobile needs, 98 tons is used yearly. An excellent platinum investment option, platinum is widely used in advanced automobile and engineering for vehicle emission control devices

Platinum is also used by watch manufacturers such as Rolex and Breitling. Used as a catalytic converter in automobiles, platinum is indispensable to the motor industry. If you’re in love with super cool cars, thank platinum!

  1. Oil and Refinery Investing of Platinum

More than 20 tons of platinum is used every year for the chemical and petroleum production of the world. It accounts for 9.2% of the total platinum production per year. Moreover, if you’re an oil mogul, investing in platinum is indispensable in 2018.

According to engineers, platinum is vital for transforming crude oil into aviation fuel and gasoline. The white precious metal cracks the large hydrocarbons into tiny molecules to reform into gasoline or fuel.

  1. Electrical Attributes of Platinum 

Up to 2.7% of total platinum in the world goes to the creation of computer storage devices or hard disks. Moreover, as platinum is highly corrosive and magnetic, platinum made hard disks offer durable storage of digital data. 

Appraised for high conductivity, platinum is added to copper electrodes to make spark plugs that last 50% longer than usual. Simply put, a platinum spark plug in the automobile will give you 45,000 miles extra on the road. Platinum is also widely used in high-quality non-corrosive wires as mentioned in the spark plugs above.  

In a Nutshell 

With platinum credit cards to platinum gift cards in plenty, the world of platinum is exclusive and rich today. Don’t go by the lower prices of platinum today because it is a golden chance for investing in platinum bullion bars. Moreover, platinum bullion are ideal for investors and collectors as it is the rarest metal on Earth too. 

Hence, if you’re looking for the best platinum investments, start with a platinum bullion on sale NOW. Make your account on Mineral Exchange and get started!