Payment Methods

-Wire Transfer / ACH
Business Name: MINEX
Account Number: 157534027238
Routing Number: 122235821
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Business Address:
576 S Mills Rd
Ventura, CA 93003
(310) 741-0217
-Deluxe eChecks 
Make out check to - MINEX
Email check to -
MineralX does not allow mailed checks of any kind.
Deluxe eChecks are easy to set up and cost LESS than a stamp per check for any transaction amount. This allows you to email a check instantly for pennies per transaction making mailed checks obsolete in comparison. Our goal is to get your items to you as fast as possible and echecks have greatly helped with that.
-NOTE: We understand it takes a couple days to set up eChecks.
Please send us an email if you're setting up a deluxe account and we will extend invoice due date an extra 3 days.
If you have any questions or concerns with eChecks they have a phone number on website link above to help. 
-PayPal Goods/Services (Will cost you extra fees)
USA: Bottom line invoice total x 3.5%
International: Bottom line invoice total x 4.5%
Calculate new total by multiplying invoice bottom line x 1.035 or 1.045
Send the new balance to:
___________________________________ (Transferwise)
email to send payment:
If payment is not received or we are not contacted within 3 days of sale, Mineral Exchange withholds the right to void the invoice and deactivate account. 
Thank you for your business,
text: 310-741-0217