Nicholas Deak "the James Bond of world money"


There is absolutely no denying that Nicholas Deak, founder of Deak Perera was a fascinating character. Deak worked hand and hand with the CIA helping facilitate money transfers into different currencies. Time magazine coined Deak “The James Bond of world money”. It is conspiracy that he was involved numerous drug money scandals that run parallel to the film “Kill the Messenger”. Nicholas Deak seemed to fly too close to the sun and suddenly found his company, Deak – Perera under intense attack by The Reagan Commission on Organized Crime. It seems that because deak was tangled in the system, someone needed to cut their losses or cover up the evidence.

After being beat to a pulp by The Regan Commission on Organized Crime, Deak went bankrupt in 1984. It was said that a lot of cartel/CIA type characters lost a lot of money in the bankruptcy. Deak had brushed some powerful shoulders and ended up getting killed in a bizarre Manchurian candidate fashion. A lunatic 44 year old homeless woman named Lois Lang barged into Deak Perera HQ, killed the receptionist, then went up to Deaks office and shot him in the chest. An absolute Manchurian candidate type breakdown after doing the deed and getting tackled by police. These links attached below are a fascinating read.


“The James Bond of the world of money”,9171,875916-1,00.html

Background on Nicholas Deak


Nicholas L. Deak “Internationalization of Sound Money” Gold 1/20th Round

“For Integrity There Is No Substitute”

Minted from 1980-1985

Odd that just as Deak aimed for “Internationalization of Sound Money” he gets put on trial and made a mockery of. Then after Deak was forced into bankrupcy he is murdered in cold blood by a classic “lone nut”. Deak's closest associates still do not accept the assassination story to this day and conducted their own private investigations finding that there was much more to the story. To this day it remains a mystery.


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